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Five Tips for the Best PROPOSAL ever

So, yes: she is the one, he is the one. Your heart is ready and you imagine to get old with this person. But… how to propose? Which is the best way to make a surprising wedding proposal without being peasant? (Because the secret is to give one incontrovertible...

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A day in a wedding planner day

Have you ever wonder how a wedding planner day is like? If your answer is yes, in the lines below you will have a concrete report of a ordinarily extraordinary day in a wedding planner life. First thing: being a wedding planner is like a being a player matching a...

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Villa Crespi and Antonino Cannavacciuolo

Villa Crespi is a jewel on the very edge of Lago d’Orta, where you can find out a beach whose name is “Miami beach”. And this is really fun, because the landscape belongs to the Alps… but, the very matter of the thing is that Villa Crespi can put a spell on you....

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Rainbow wave, US midterm elections

As a rainbow (and not only) wedding planner, I would like to express my point of view on US midterm elections outcome. A part from considering pros or cons towards Mr. Trump administration (personally I share the kind of Meryl Streep commitment:...

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Pop Art Wedding

A few days ago, I went to the marvellous Ala Brasini.This is the setting that Rome dedicated to a revolutionary man: Andy Warhol (for the records, if you are planning to come to Rome, keep in mind that the exhibition will be there until February, the 2nd and I can be...

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Discover me

Summertime. A boat-trip to the Arco Magno , San Nicola Arcella. This is how the story begins.While I was waiting my little girl an my man ending their swimming route to the beach. Looking up the unrivalled bow of sky between the rocks, I was wondering : why not here? …

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Choose me

I organise and create your promise day, a day in which your love vows will be exchanged. I organize and create you wedding day, in That way you have ever dreamt. Uniquely different…

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Come and see

We will meet (web or in person) and you will tell me your idea…your desire on that day…. Any idea? Or a mess of ideas swinging in your mind? Don’t worry, I will listen to you and I will create a proposal for you…

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