“From up-close nobody is normal”

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Cristina (Bowerman) and me.

She is not like you can imagine. She is more than you can imagine. A look into her eyes and you will find:passion, determination, strength and beauty. And when she smiles, she turns like a ready-to-be-surprised child. I met her at Romeo’s. Cristina’s new Rome’s...

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How I start my new year

  (be ready to discover the improved version of myself) I did not do any new year’s resolutions. I do not keep them or I just make them up day by day. Maybe because I’m tired of little and big disappointments…or simply there is no reason why..I...

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Radio Dj, Oggisposa.it and me

My italian wedding planner network relies on oggisposa.it, an Italian website providing wedding services I work with oggisposa.it as a wedding planner and a wedding editor. Radio Dj is one of the most popolar and famous Italian FM radio station. At the beginning of...

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Discover me

Summertime. A boat-trip to the Arco Magno , San Nicola Arcella. This is how the story begins.While I was waiting my little girl an my man ending their swimming route to the beach. Looking up the unrivalled bow of sky between the rocks, I was wondering : why not here? …

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Choose me

I organise and create your promise day, a day in which your love vows will be exchanged. I organize and create you wedding day, in That way you have ever dreamt. Uniquely different…

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Come and see

We will meet (web or in person) and you will tell me your idea…your desire on that day…. Any idea? Or a mess of ideas swinging in your mind? Don’t worry, I will listen to you and I will create a proposal for you…

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