Statistics show people are not getting married because they do not have enough money to afford this huge economic investment called a wedding.
All right, I can rephrase.
You want to marry because you still believe in:
“ever thine, ever mine, even ours” Ludwig’s words to his immortal beloved.
You want to marry because one of your favorite quote from Pretty Woman is:
“So what happens after he climbs up and rescues her?” (Edward)
“She rescues him right back.” (Vivian)
If you are a wedding budget saving person or a low budget one, please hold on reading to find out you can make your wish come true. Because you are the smartest one!

One, Essentials

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Establishing what is essential for your wedding to be YOURS.
Would you like to wear a kind-of-Carry wedding dress, ever? Or you are a real traveler wanting to spend your honeymoon into magic and wonder? Maybe you are nodding your head because the point is you want an awesome location for your wedding setting.
Whatever it may be, you have to set it before on your wedding agenda. This will help you to keep under control your budget, avoiding stress and getting you clear what you are going to renounce at your wedding.

Two, Location

Photo by Dylan Freedom on Unsplash

Restaurant, countryside? You are not forced to pick one of this solution, because you are an imaginative person. May I trill your mind? Have you ever think about your wedding as a charity or a green event? Meaning, try to find a sustainable location set up for charity or nature-friendly reasons or belonging to a charity or defending-environment project. Contact them by proposing to get your wedding there. Involve your guests to make donations. Sounds cool? Because it really is!
And the further question is: What’s for lunch (dinner)?
This is another tricky and potential raising budget topic. Do not worry.
Here you are the solution.
Have you ever considered a street food wedding banqueting?
Have you considered a cozy picnic? Into a public park?
This is the moment to get these questions an answer-back.
Doing this you will infuse your wedding with the joyful rhythm of a singing-along feast among friends.

Three, It’s kind of magic

Photo by Sean Patrick Murphy on Unsplash

This hack lies upon two magic expressions: homemade and get-help-from-your-skilled friends and your family network.
The purpose is to save money involving your personal talents, thinking about your crafting attitude or your mother/sister/crafting attitude and let them in.
The aim is to save money involving your gifted friends, meaning graphic-or-web-surfer and communication-genius beautiful voice singer, well-being and beauty masters…whatever they can give you, please use them!
In the end, consider the time we are living in: anything to communicate is possible at any level. It’s up to you and your potential to come out as a wedding planner – if not, you can always count on me 🙂

Four, Wedding dress

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Love at first sight? With your mother wedding dress? Yes, it is. You can consider making it suited for you. You can add details to show up you under that dress, meaning earnings, gloves, or a tiara (not a James Watson’s one, of course)
Do you want your own wedding dress? You can do that because you have set a big slice of budget cake at the dress. Or…you can consider the vintage market as well as consider any previous fashion collection coming out dresses. Eventually, go and buy along with the sale. It depends on your spirit.

Five, Honeymoon

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Following seasonal criteria is always a good choice. You can choose your honeymoon destination pushed by the season you are marring in.
Are you still a your-country-lover? The honeymoon could be the right moment to go in depth with its knowledge…or simply making a kind of gastronomic tour, or by-night cafes…meaning something you have never done before. Together. For the first time. This will be a merry emblem to give a fresh start for your new life.
Being unconventional…spending your honeymoon having something hot…experimenting something new. Pick a week on your agenda and plan together what to do day by day. You could be pushed by your fantasy, by a theme..or you can consider that week as the development of a romance, you are the main characters of…so, even if you are going to staying in your country borders, acting into a role-playing game will give you the chance to travel into yourselves as a just-married-couple. Enjoy!


Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get going…so contact me!