One of the main purposes of is to outline and create trends into the realm of love events and weddings.
This world, the world I am committed to, is stressed by the consideration that your event has to be unique.

Often the uniqueness is related to the kind of persons composing each couple. I mean attitudes, moods, habits, mindset, what do they like or dislike, what was their childhood dream (if they got one ever).

Yet, one of the mostly worrying is about budget.

As I am a seeker and capturer of forthcoming trends, I just match this two assumptions to draw at least three top trends into love events and weddings realm.


A wedding, a civil partnership, a love event… whatever is the name you would like to label it, cost.
A wedding, a civil partnership, a love event, whatever is the name you would like to label it, is based on sharing: happiness with other persons. So that, have you ever considered crowdfunding for your THAT special day to come true? Shyness, shaming attitude? Erase all them up. You have not to worry about that. Why? Because you can share. What? Your charity foundation you want to support by getting crowdfunding way to have your total events or a part of it realised. In other word, you can connected all the funds you will raise for your love events or wedding and allocate a part of it to your favourite charity associations.
What you have to do, then? Simply. You choose your best crowdfunding website ever. You choose your charity associations you want support, and the deed is done.
If you need help, I can provide you with:

outlining the project;
choosing the crowdfunding site;
following the campaign throughout social networks.

My favourite associations are: Operation Smile (to give Children a Smile); Azione contro la fame (committed with children into the Third world countries); La collina degli Elfi and the Associazione Rubens (both of them are committed to recovery of children after a cancer by using hyppotherapy).


Uniqueness are you are. Nowadays, the eatwith network is growing and growing faster and faster.

Have you ever considered to organise your party by choosing one of the affiliates of eatwith all over the world?

Have you ever considered to schedule your love journey or honeymoon, making a map of three cities, in the same country, to share the experience of tasting a real-place food and hospitality?

I can help you providing:

all the logistic support you might need;
drawing the map of your journey;
listing the possible affiliates to submit your query;
handling contacts.



Are you addicted with cinema?

Here you are the way to connect your passion to celebrate you best day ever.

The first to come up to my mind is Regent Beverly Whilsher: know what I mean? Your dream cames true and you save your knight. Pleaae, be aware that I do not know if you will meet Richard (Gere).

Getting crazy for James Bond? Cipriani Hotel, in Venice, is what you are looking for.

Do you prefer what unsaid to be understood? Then, why do not try the Lost in translation Tokyo Park Hotel Hyatt?

Addicted to Sex and the City? The Giraffe Hotel is made for you!

Are you a book lover?

Go to Lisbon, then to cherish the world oldest book shop, Livraria Bertrand.

Go to Torino, the to enjoy the flavour of books pages as just printed, into one of the most ancient Italian book shop, the Libreria Internazionale Luxemburg.

Go to Bejing to discover one of the most beautiful children book shop, Kids Republic.

Go to Tokyo and book your room at the Book and Bed Hotel.

The list will be infinite because passion has no boundaries and you have just to focus on what it is yours and infuse it into your THAT special day as possible destinations for a magic staying!

Did I tickle your mind? Do you want me to help in planning and organising your passion driven love events?

Whatever will be the trend you will pick, you can mail me at: or call me at: +393382402265