I swear I can advice you better than Annalise Keating, not for avoiding bars, but for experiencing the best honeymoon, love jounery, ever.

Ravello and the Amalfi Coast

This is a piece of heaven upon heart that evokes breathtaking landscapes, blues sea water, tasty food, delicious sweets. If travelling is a way to try to capture another culture, this will be the place! Ravello and the Amalfi coast are a like a tomato paste into Italian culture.
And yes, there has been a reason if Greta Garbo went to Ravello for a period of retirement and recovery in that beautiful mansion known as Villa Cimbrone.
Go there to find the infinity lookout and be the master of your sea.
There has been a reason if Rudolf Nureyev bought an island – l’Isola del Gallo.
Go there and visit the island and breath the power of beauty.
There has been a reason if that genius of Franco Zeffirelli got his white dazzling villa.
Go there to see how it is sparkling by night.

Conero (mountain and coast) and Gradara Castle

The beauty of Nature. An undiscovered and magic place along the Adriatic Coast, a gem into Marche Region.
Need an adventure? You can explore the Grotte di Frasassi.
Need clear water and wild landscape? You are landed into the right place.
To testify the magic of these places there is a plenty of legends, telling about mermaid (let’s consider the so called Scoglio delle due sorelle); pirates (Grotta degli Schiavi); treasure (into a place called Pian Grande).
And the truly enchanted place is Gradara Castle, the one that witnessed Paolo and Francesca love story the one Dante sublimated into the Canto V, Inferno.

Matera, the masterpiece of Basilicata Region

2019 European city of culture; UNESCO heritage site. This is a place stuck in time. I mean, days are becoming months, months are becoming years, but Matera keeps getting its same dress: like a stoic city, that one of the stones. These sign-of-ancient-time houses are no more inhabited. They gather museums of past footprints.
Mel Gibson chose Matera for the shooting of the Passion.
A place so essential to be holy; a landscape inhospitable, but just on the surface. Because to discover people hospitably, you have to taste their food. And food is rich in flavour, telling you a story whose roots coming out from the once-upon-a time age.

Eolie islands

UNESCO heritage site. Another kind of magic where nature still act as nature, despite of man.
Panarea, Filicudi, Alicudi, Salina, Lipari, Vulcano and Stromboli: the wonder 7 volcanic islands, they are that kind of tonic of wildness necessary to well-being along a honeymoon and love journey.

Lipari: a Saracen castle is waiting for you to be discovered.

Vulcano: the mythic home of Vulcan, Roman god of fire and Volcanoes.

Panarea: the cosy and snobbish island.

Stromboli: the wildest one.

Salina: to cherish capers and candy Malvasia.

Filicudi: the three volcanos island.

Alicudi: the harsh and adventurous island.

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