What will be your wedding soundtrack?
Music is one of top details of making a wedding ceremony that kind of close to perfection. What will be yours?

You have got your best ever love song. The one they played when you realised you fall in love. You have your I-miss-you-so-much-song when you were separated – for instance, two different countries, for work reason. You have your sorrow song you listen to in tears in time of your let’s-have-a-break period.
What about THAT day, then?
To tell you the truth, identifying the wedding soundtrack is one of the most complicated and delicate moments, as a wedding planner. You have to balance and to check, staying tuned on the same couple’s “radio” and still suggesting without excluding. Let’s say those are the moments you have to pope – doing that Olivia. According to my experience, this topic – wedding soundtrack- is a kind of outcast. And the reason why I will explain you with an example. Consider you are at Blockbuster ready to pick up a film you’re eager to watch, but with no idea on the title and you are a movie-addicted. Your brain is in a total blackout and rolls and rolls, until an imagine comes out from the space and: “yes, this is the film I would like to watch”.
Picking up music for a wedding is a kind of remembering, of coming out from your memories your intimate ones.
So that you need me, a wedding planner, to lighten your way out, because wedding soundtrack is like salt for food. Wedding soundtrack is the best way to spread, joy, love and passion, all the words and the feeling that wedding is meant to be.

Here below, you will find seven cosy suggestions about wedding soundtrack:
1. Track: Midsummer evening, Yann Tiersen, Infinity Album): an explosion of joy
2. Track: Ratatouille Satirique, E. Satie: wonder and happiness
3. Track: Milonga de amor, Tango Gotan Project: passion and desire
4. Album: L’arpeggiata, Christina Pluhar: to hear the songs of the earth
5. Album: Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack, by Dario Marianelli: romantic and fancy
6. Dancing queen – Abba; Aquarius- The Fifth dimension; I’m coming out – Diana Ross: rainbow mood on
7. Across the Universe Soundtrack: green attitude and ever green, but never tiring song; boho chic
Any help to combine and choose them? Any other specific advices? Mail me at: info@promiseday.it or catch me up on the phone: +3382402265.