I got this “i-m-your-personal-work-journal- note pad to organize my work per week. I set my goals, my priorities along a fixed time. This is a funny notepad and a funny way for writing down your most important tasks without scaring not of not reaching them.

(by the way, you can use it even if ou are an employee)

So yesterday morning, according to my flexible kind of to do list , I had to collect information on how to get the wedding licence for a client of mine’s location.

Briefly, i am used to collaborate with a wedding portal for particular wedding requests. One of my client would like to make their couple to marry – with a civil ceremony – at his mansion so that the broom and the bride can go on celebrating with their wedding party into the same place. This is a very common realization of Aristotle doctrine of union of action, time and place and applied to weddings this means:
1)Saving of time
2)Saving money
3)Maximization of logistics

Moreover this a way to create a single “world” for that single special day.

Well, yesterday morning I checked the institutional telephone number to make my enquire.
Rome municipality created this service number to get the right answer to a question made by whoever is going to call in lack of info on whatever issue.
So that I dialed the number and the voice of a gentle guy answered me.

“How can I help you?”
“I’m a wedding planner, I would like to know how to get a wedding licence for celebrating a wedding into a my client’s wedding location”.
“Yes madam, hold the line.”

I hold the line for a big while.

Maybe my question shook the guy, being too specific, but he answered me back because he succeeded in his searching.

“They tell me this is not the bold and the beautiful”
“There are just two official places where people can marry by a civil ceremony. And that’s it. No way to get this wedding licence for your client”
I started smiling. And we smiled together
“That’s what they tell me, madame: this is not The bold and the Beautiful”.

I said thanks and picked up continuing smiling. Not ironic , but surprised. Because, the trend to give this kind of licence all over the national territory is taking roots, even if recent. And I have realized it because the chance to get in the location, the couple will choose, to celebrate the civil ceremony too is a “plus”. This is happening in the North.
Here, maybe they are going to chance this habit or they will choose to remain anchored to the present. Sometimes it is better to consider just two places and two ways of marrying (I mean heterosexual marriage and gay civil unions) so that there won’t be any inequalities. So that you can focus on it and manage it better. Generally speaking, to get the licence you have to pay some taxes to township. So who knows. They will change their mind because the need of money will overcome the need of a bureaucracy mechanism aimed at people control.