She is not like you can imagine. She is more than you can imagine.
A look into her eyes and you will find:passion, determination, strength and beauty. And when she smiles, she turns like a ready-to-be-surprised child.

I met her at Romeo’s. Cristina’s new Rome’s restaurant

As she arrived, I took my notepad, my questions and we started

What kind of friend you are?
I am a very, very , very trustworthy friend. Someone you can rely on. If I told you one thing and it did not happen, then call the police!

Do you like chocolate?
Yes, I do. 🙂

What is your favorite dish?
The next I’m going to prepare.

Your favourite flavor.
The one that surprises me…even the one exploding in the end of a dish I’m tasting

What relaxes you?
Listening to music, reading, walking and travelling. When I travel I act like a traveller. I’m not a tourist

Why your hair are pink?
I have no make up on my face. I always change the color of my hair. Pink is associated, normally to women, and to the ones who are spending their time into campaign again cancer. I got cancer. I overcame It. So the colour of my hair is to celebrate my health, not my disease.

What makes you tired?
Working with people doing what they do with passion.

What makes you happy?
Anything. My son, my work. Here I feel like home!

What make you mad at?
People that do not listen to themselves.

How did you find this was your path?
You know in life there are two kinds of people. The ones who snorkeling and the ones who swim. I try to put myself in the middle. I’m a creative person. I do non want to feel stick into a situation. Who knows if in ten years I will be always a chef?
What I know Is that I see my glass half-full asking me the right question, that is to say: what is that you like to do?

Then we hugged.

And took this picture together….

And Cristina told me pink panther is her favorite cartoon! (I did not when I dress myself)

So now, you have another reason to catch ma at: or +393382402265.