Surprise, surprise. That’s the scarest word ever or the magic word ever, depending on the point of view.
Anyway…watch out! St.Valentine’s Day is coming to town 🙂

If you follow my suggestions, I promise you will be not only special, but YOURSELF.

So, let’s discover the 3 unexpected Valentine’s Day date places.

1) Do you want to taste Avalon legacy into a perfect mix of red wine, precious porcelain plates intimate mood and astonishing cooking? Do you want to taste the best-ever original cappuccino to wake up your senses, enjoying Rome’s cuisine retelling? The answer is Tordo Matto. Really, this is a place you ought to find out. That’s not happening by chance. The Michelin-one-star-plaque is half hidden behind some bottles. And if you ask to have your empty wine bottle away with you, when you finish your meal, because you fall in love with that wine bottle label, they give it to you. You cannot doing anything but fall in love with Tordo Matto. Because love is a minimal, essential, strenght as the place you will enter in.

2) Do you want to seal your love story into a real bubble? Yes, you can. Coppa Club Restaurant will be the one to accomplish this mission. Surprising enough without disappointing you along your staying there. Breathtaking views, feeling of good being and you get deep inside the sensation time has stopped.

3) Do you feel like a round-table Knight, searching for the Graal and you find it out besides you (because you are really in love with your “him” o your “her”)? The answer is Roccascalegna’s medieval castle. This place is evocative. Stunning. To get there you need to climb a mountain (figurative meaning). And you need to stop for a while to think of your love story. To get a look around discovering you want to stay there. With your love.

What makes you a perfect Valentiner is not just how you can surprise your mate and discover something special on that day to do together. To be a real Valentiner you have to call me or e-mail me and I will handle it so that you will be mouthful saying a silent “WOW”!