Along my experience, at a certain point, what sticks my brides and my grooms is the unconscious temptation- always around the corner – to wonder why they are dealing with me, as a wedding planner, or how they can escape this labyrinth ….(even if they are not Simon Bolivar in Gabo’s General in His labyrinth)

Another inner and deep question is: why do I have to pay a completely stranger, who is going to manage all the stuff of my precious and special day?

And finally, in this realm I am in also – Rainbow weddings – ther’s a total gap creating the belief that there is no market at all here in Itatly…but this conclusion is the perfect starting point, because your are going to create the answer to a potential need. that’s how humankind evolved. if in the beginning something there wasn’t, now you can grab it becasue someone, like me for istance, has “created” it.

…and now….hands up, a part from Matthew David McConaughey, if you have wanted such a kind of Maria in dealing with his/her wedding organisation.


So, in the following lines, I will explain, in 5 brief tips, why do you really need a wedding planner .

  1. ideas: a wedding planner is someone skilled to give you a vision of how THTA DAY will be. you can choose to pick up just only one suggestions and that’s it (e.g wedding themes; how to entertain you guests; wedding memento, etc). ideas must to be paid and you will save your freedom of being the master of your special day organisation
  2. knowledge: a wedding planner is someone who is skilled on recognising the best location to propose you, knowing which catering works there, how much you can pay for it , when that wedding fair will be held, which are the trends for wedding dresses, how schedule your wedding agenda, considering the Whole necessary do-to-list; which papers you need if you want to marry abroad, etc.
  3. relief of empowering: a wedding planner is someone you trust in. you are going to delegate her your whole wedding organization (or maybe a piece of that); a wedding planner is a person to rely on.
  4. anxiety: a wedding planner is a person who knows how anxiety can be distortive.she posses the power of the tender  detachment. moreover, she is able to share helself with you and your deepest emotions, feelings and fears
  5. time and money: a wedding planner is someone who is skilled in the Weber ratio. by doing that, you can have a customised combination of the two factors weddings key-factors: time (be on time and solve unespected situations) and money (making ends meet).


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