(be ready to discover the improved version of myself)

I did not do any new year’s resolutions. I do not keep them or I just make them up day by day.
Maybe because I’m tired of little and big disappointments…or simply there is no reason why..I decided not to promise anything to myself.

But there was one thing I did not allow myself to avoid, because I can resist anything except tempation.

And so I have starded my new year in music.

Tradition. Red. A perfect blend of Leonard Bernstein’s energy and Lorin Mazel’s funny faces conductor. And yes, there were the Conservatorie’s young promises. Little-big bandees.
And yes, there was Ravel and his Bolero’s growing-insidious crescendo exploding into the flesh and overflowing into desire and passion, almost touching love point of no return.


There was Carmen with her trilling and alluring energy. There were chalices into which joyful “libare”. And there was the Radetzky march. And there was me, imagining love promises in front of this orchestra. In this theatre, the Rendano.

And I starded dreaming and I lost myself to find myself and then lost myself again until I understood that my year will be beautiful.

As the smile stuck upon my face without asking permission.