LGBT activist, opinion-maker and writer. co-founder: Dario Accolla is one of the most influential emblem into rainbow world. Here you are Dario facing Proust’s questionnaire.

The principal aspect of your personality.

At a first sight, you can say I am contentious and tough. But this is referring to my public imagine because I had to struggle in a way that involved me at a very emotional level, along these last years. Looking at my daily inside way of being, I think I am loyal. So my verve is the counterpart of my loyalty. I am a loyal person to my action that is to say guarantying and making free LGBT people in terms of civil rights enjoyment. So that, I am no so keen on scarifying our dignity on the altar of real politik.

The quality that you appreciate in a man.

If you are referring to the man of my life, he has to make me laugh. As in the movie “Who framed Roger Rabbit”, Jessica says that a rabbit makes her laugh…. Generally speaking , I like smiling, ironic and emotional intelligence people. I think men and women have to be honest with themselves and other people: that is a very rare virtue.. and I like it the most!

The quality that you appreciate in a woman.

As I told you previously.

What you appreciate the most in your friends.

This is a particular period of my life…. I think a friend is a person with whom you have a confidence and complicity relationship. There can be occasional friends, the ones whom you relay and talk about few issues – and the ones who are like brothers…Along the last years I have been just interacting with my very core group of friends. I think friendship is a no-dependence shape of love and I cherish how my friends accept me: as I am.

Your main fault.

I cannot bear stupid people. As a consequence of that I can transform myself into a not-so-keen-on-dialogue person. I’m working progress on that!

Your favorite occupation.

Writing makes me feel alive. I write for and I’m a columnist of the on-line version of Fatto Quotidiano and

Your idea of happiness.

A house into the green with flowers and a vegetable garden. Several cats to caress. Someone waiting for me on the doorstep: doesn’t matter if my man or some friends of mine. The important thing is having always the chance to share a glass of wine or pint of beer together with someone who makes you laugh, a lot.

Your idea of misery.

Waking up to discover nothing around you is corresponding to what imagine about yourself. Do you remember Agrado’s monologue in the movie Todo sobre mi madre? Every person is really authentic the closer he looks like to the idea of himself. If you betray this idea and you are no more in connection with your deep self, you are devoted to misery.

If not yourself, who would you be?

Miranda Priestley (The devil wears Prada) or Cat Grant (Supergirl) or Nomi Marks (Sense8). I love their way to be cynical: it is a surface hiding a big sense of humanity.

Where would you like to live?

Living in Italy is difficult, nowadays. We are ruled by a government acting in a fascist way: no problem in abandoning immigrants into the sea; no problem in having zero tolerance towards LGBT world and rainbow families. And still I love my country for its beauty, for its history. I feel myself a very “Mediterranean” guy. I love sea, good cooking, sunsets on the beach. So, I think I would like to live in Spain or Portugal. I’m considering to move there into a few years.

Your favorite color and flower.

My favorite color is blue like the sea. My favorite flower is freesia. My grandmother cultivate this flower on the terrace in her house. Freesia has got a very intense scent that reminds me the arrival of spring.

Your favorite animal.

Cats. They are adorable creatures. I have been having a cat for 19 years. I have experienced devotion and love with this cat of mine. Her name was Maria. I miss her very much.

Your favorite writer.

I was crazy about Marquez’s Cien años de soledad. I love Palahniuk: I think he is a genius. Among Italian writers, I cherish Italo Calvino’s tenderness (e.g. Marcovaldo or Il barone rampante). I do not bond myself to just one writer. I have got many books to be inspired by.

Your favorite painter.

I do not want to choose because I love Van Gogh’s Starry Night – that makes you in connection with human brevity facing the mistery of life – and Picasso’s Guernica – that reminds us how humankind can be cruel. Once I was in Siena watching Simone Martini’s Guidoriccio da Fogliano and I was moved my this man lonely walking into the countryside. So, I thank to all the painters because they are beauty hunters on canvas!

Your favorite heroes/heroines.

X-men and Avengers. Behind their stories, I see huge similarities with LGBT movement: diversity, being suspected by “normal” people, daily struggle to find your place in the world… Talking about reality, my heroes are boys and girls who come out as they really are.

What you hate the most?

Stupidity ad ignorance. Above all ignorance due to the fact that today we have all the tools to figth against it.

 A gift you would like to have.

I would like to be genial: discovering that aspect “en plus”, that piece between a “before” and an “after” and share it with other people.

How would you like to die?

I would like to choose how to die. I’m almost 45 and I’m thinking about death. I’m afraid of abandonment and empty. I think choosing how to die is a deep act of freedom. It’s a way to overcome death. I would like to die while I’m sleeping because I’m afraid of suffering.

How do you feel right now?

I’m a midlife crisis man and I do not how I will get out from it. This is still living, isn’t it?

Your life motto is.

I have spoken yet of Nomi Marks, Sense8 trans-gender character. At a certain point in the movie when everybody has to take a crucial decision, Nomi says: “Your life can be defined by the system or by the way you defy the system“. I think this a sentence to get really inspired by.