I met Riccardo few year ago. A brilliant guy with a project in his mind: to express his creativity and his sense of beauty. By mixing these two factors, UNDERMYSKIN label was born.

I invited Riccardo to answer the very famous Proust “questionnaire” to give you the essence of Riccardo’s voice and soul.

The principal aspect of your personality.

Lively, imaginative, curious

The quality that you appreciate in a man.

Kindness, being able to laugh, strength, independence

The quality that you appreciate in a woman.


What you appreciate the most in your friends.

The purity of their friendship

Your main fault.

I do not know. I appreciate myself as I am. I can stand myself

Your favorite occupation.

Listening to good music and drinking the best gin ever

Your idea of happiness.

Going on surprising with the beauty of nature

Your idea of misery.

Losing my will to live

If not yourself, who would you be?

Who I am going on knowing myself

Where would you like to live?

Thailand, even If I feel well where I am now

Your favorite color and flower.

Rainbow; paradise bird

Your favorite animal.


Your favorite writer.

Niccolò Ammanniti

Your favorite painter.

Egon Schiele

Your favorite heroes/heroines.

I prefer real life people.

What you hate the most?


A gift you would like to have.

I would like to fly

How would you like to die?


How do you feel right now?

Peaceful, willing, determined.

Your life motto is.

Enjoy the silence