Davide and Alessandro married in New York in 2016. They have been living there for two years.

Passionate, sensitive, actor and director with a long theatre experience up to Brancaccio in Rome, Davide.

Solid and firm, graduated chef at Gambero Rosso Cooking School, Alessandro.

How did you meet?

D: through common friends.

A: a friend introduced to each other.

How did you understand he was “him”?

D: you do not have to understand certain things, you have just to feel them 🙂

A: he was very clumsy…so I did not feel alone :-).He had got kind eyes. I did not feel any embarrassment at all meeting him.

The most ilarious momentum.

D: Alessandro trying to talk to me in English….

A: our first trip to Disneyland, that is our passion.

The hardest momentum.

D: six months stay in New York without him….

A: the time we spent together in New York.

I like him because…

D: … he is a pure soul.

A: …he is protective and succeeds in considering “us” always at the first place

I do not like him because.

D: …sometimes he is really stubborn… He is very proud!

A: …sometimes he gets upset without any reason and he shuts himself away without allowing me to help him somehow.

I married him because…

D: …he is the man of my life!!! I just can’t imagine each day of my life without him.

A: …I want to grow old by his side…..

Describe him…

D: generous, funny, sensitive, nice, proud.

A: know-it-all, stubborn, lovely, forgiving, patient.

A flavor or a scent that brings you to each other.

D: lavender

A: lavender